Holy Ghost - Immaculate Conception School

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HG-IC Athletics

As part of our mission and philosophy at Holy Ghost-Immaculate Conception School, we believe athletics to be an integral part of the total education of our children. A special thank you for our successful athletic program goes to our coaches and parents who volunteer their time through our Booster Club. Through their leadership, our student athletes learn to build not only skills, but also the importance of team cooperation, winning and losing, and character development.  Each student athlete is responsible for meeting academic and behavioral standards to be eligible for practice and games.  HG-IC Athletics follow the Diocesan Athletic Policy and Mississippi River Valley Parochial League rules.

Below are the activities offered each season for students in Grades 5-8.


  • Girls Volleyball


  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball


  • Track & Field


Purpose of the Athletic Program

In fulfilling our HG-IC mission, the athletic program provides an opportunity for students and their parents to participate in a cooperative learning program that focuses on not only the physical, but on the lessons learned from competition in a Catholic school atmosphere. Participation in sports provides exercise, entertainment, and an opportunity to learn cooperation with others. Whether we are a spectator, player, or coach, we are called to be Catholic in all situations. We put God's Word into practice by showing respect for every person through good sportsmanship, by being a caring and concerned person and by realizing that we can enjoy sports even when we do not win.

Goals of the Athletic Program

  1. The student can learn from his/her involvement in the activity.
  2. Each student can enjoy his/her experience.
  3. Each student can fully participate in the activity.
  4. Each student can understand and appreciate the importance of working together
         as a group of people having shared goals.
  5. Each student can develop a healthy attitude about sportsmanship.
  6. Each student can share in the reality of winning and losing.