Holy Ghost - Immaculate Conception School

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Arts & Technology

Art Class

Students in Grades K-8 have art class once per week. A variety of media are used to develop creativity and explore God’s world. 

Art class in Grades K-3 is centered on exploring the seven elements of art (Color, Value, Texture, Line, Shape, Form, Space). 

Art class in Grades 4-8 is centered on exploring art history periods and movements. 

Music Class

Students in Grades K-8 have music class twice per week. Our general music program is designed to teach students to appreciate and read music, to expose them to a variety of different kinds of music, and to use their musical talents to praise God. 


Beginning in Grade 5, students are able to take part in the band program. Individual lessons on a band instrument are available during the school day for a fee. 

Technology Class

Students in Grade K-8 receive instruction in using technology once per week. They practice typing skills and learn how to use various programs, as well as, what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

Students in Grades 1-8 have access to Chrome books and are instructed on how to navigate and utilize Google Drive and Google Docs.